Ranking up is a huge challenge as well as a thrill in the multiplayer game Counter-Strike: 2. Most of the players would be playing as strong as you can for a CS 2 rank boost. The struggle is real yet we all love the competitive ranking system for the fun it adds to the game. Here’s a quick guide to help you get your rank boosted smartly.

The key facts about CS 2 Ranks

  • The number of ranks in CS 2 is 18.
  • These ranks are divided into tiers based on the skill of players. The 4 tiers are Elite, MGs, Novas, and Silvers in the descending order of superiority.
  • There are further categorizations like gold novas, distinguished master guardians (DMGs), etc.
  • The tier that you should play in is decided by your performance in the first 3 to 4 of the placement matches.

How to improve your rank in CS 2?

Having a higher rank is crucial and we get that. To get a CS 2 rank boost, you can either continue playing clueless of how things work or start employing the smart way.

First of all, ensure that you don’t jump straight into placement matches before training. It would only bring your morale down. When trained enough, take the challenge of playing against those ranked several ranks higher. Winning (as well as losing) against them would move you multiple ranks up (or down). Also, to get better you should prioritize achieving many kill, stars, and defusing bombs in the game. This would improve your MVP ratio.

Other factors that will improve your rank are winning with a high margin of won rounds. This means that try winning by 16-2 instead of 16-14. Besides, there are several quick ways of getting a CS 2 rank boost. You can look for paid services that will improve your rank considerably and conveniently. In the end, it’s just the thrill and success at the game that all the players desire for.